About us

2 for 1 offer for all pizzas and pastas

Dino's 2 for 1 Pizza & Pasta is family-owned business united by their passion for western cooking recipes prepared using only the freshest ingredients.

Why Dino's 2 for 1 Pizza & Pasta

Our western food menu recipes boast a combination of rustic pasta dishes, cheese cake, and gourmet pizzas prepared in our traditional pizza oven. We always utilize the freshest ingredients to make sure that you receive the best quality and flavors. Our ingredients are sourced locally from highly acclaimed suppliers and are then cooked on site by our expert team of chefs.

Being one the most enticing pizzeria in Red Deer, we have the best and friendly staff to make sure you relish your pizza and home-made cheese cake with heavenly feeling. For a long leisurely lunch with family, a romantic dinner, or even a casual pop-can drink, we will deliver for you on time.

What Makes Us So Delicious

  • Toppings are fresh and cut daily,
  • All are made from home -made recipes
  • Family - secret spice combination

With its Greek vegetarian recipes, selection of pop-can, and professional service, Dino's 2 for 1 Pizza & Pasta provides a charming, serene, and welcoming experience, ideal for any occasion. With its welcoming staff, and wood burning pizza oven, it is the ideal for a family get together romantic evening, or a quiet night out with friends. We will deliver your order at your place!

In extension to our general menu, there are exceptional daily specials, which give an 'ever changing' choice to our several loyal customers. Our regular specials allow each chef to provide their flare to relish a truly unique cuisine.

For More info Please Visit our website www.dfrestaurant.ca